Tarot Reading Ethics & Policies

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Before purchasing a tarot reading from me, you need to at least skim through the following FAQ’s & Ethics. Not only will it give you an idea of my reading style, but it will also establish your boundaries as a client and my boundaries as a reader.


🧸 Comfort & Protection Statement 🧸 Applicable to In-person Meetings, Virtual Sessions, and digital messaging (email, IM'ing, texting, social media DM'ing,etc.): It is my job to acknowledge and respect your physical, emotional, mental, and spirtual boundaries and privacy. If, for any reason whatsoever, you feel uncomfortable and/or unsafe during a session with me, you fully reserve the right to end the session at any point. This also goes both ways. If I, for any reason whatsoever, feel uncomfortable and/or unsafe during the session, I reserve the right to end the session at any point as well. In situations likes this, refund Requests will not be honored; this is the risk you run when you purchase my services.
🤐 Client Privacy 🤐 Your privacy is first priority. Because my readings can encroach on extremely sensitive, personal topics, I want my clients to feel 110% safe. Considering no ones' lives and personal safety are in danger, and you are not disclosing the intent to partake in illegal activities, all of your confidences will be behind 'locked doors', so to speak. If you violate this ethical standard, I will end the session immediately.
👪 Third Party Readings 👪 Since I focus on empowering my clients to make their own (legal and non-destructive...lol) decisions, I will work with you to re-think questions that are phrased in the following ways:
  • What does [insert name] think of me?
  • Why does [insert name] love/hate/ignore/etc me?
  • Will [insert name] and I do [x,y,z]?
  • Why did I think about [insert name] today?
  • Is my wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend cheating on me?
All parties that are affected and/or are relevant to a reading must contact me before I can proceed with the reading. If that's not possible, then we will work on rephasing your question to be self-centric.
♻️ Past Life Readings ♻️ Short and sweet: I don't know where I stand on re-incarnation and past life regression. Until I have fully sorted this out within my own personal spiritual paradigm, I will not answer any questions that relate to these topics
💀 Reading For/Contacting The Dead 💀 Due to personal safety reasons, I will not contact any energies or spirits on your behalf. If I happen to spontaneously recieve a message while conducting your reading, I will let you know accordingly. But I will not do this willingly, so don't ask.
🔮 Predicting The Future 🔮 The future is not set in stone. Every decision you make, every second, propels you towards one scenerio or another. So no, I can't tell you what will happen an hour, day, or year from now. Alternatively, I can ask you where you want to be and what you want to do an hour, day, or year from now, and advise you accordingly. You are in the driver's seat of your own life!
⚕️ Mental & Physical Health Disclaimer (Not a Medical Professional) ⚕️ I am, in absolutely no capacity, a certified medical professional and am not advertising myself as such. Tarot is not equivalent replacement for certified physical and mental health advice and treatment, AT ALL. I will not offer medical advice other than "Talk to you healthcare provider(s)" if I feel you question(s) encroach in this realm.


Refunds & Cancellations All refund requests that occur within 24 hours scheduling a service will be honored, UNLESS I have already delievered my reading to you. If you cancel outside of this inital 24 hour window, you will not recieve a refund.

Under no circumstances will I honor a refund if I have already delievered your reading to your specified email address, or otherwise preferred electronic delievery method. I promise that I put every ounce of TLC and intention into every reading I do. If you're not happy with the reading, that is the risk you run when you pay for my services.

Considering you have not cancelled/rescheduled your reading, if your scheduled deadline has passed and you have not recieved a reading from me, you are fully entitled to a 100% refund. No questions asked.
Required Client Material DI require my clients to provide notes about their identity (just name and age), personality, and life circumstances prior to every reading. You don't HAVE to give me your life story, but I need contextual information to not only forge a connection with you, but to give you the most personalized, practical, and useful reading. Please don't worry about overwhelming me. I know what I've "signed up" for. ;)
Leaving a Review When it comes to improving your session experience and growing my skills as your reader, reviews are crucial. I will generally follow up with you an hour after the reading to ask how the session resonated with you-- and how it didn't! Your input is greatly valued, so feel free to go to the "Contact" webpage of this website, select "Review" in the Submission Type multiple choice, and write your review. You can choose to keep your review private, or allow me to display your comments on my home page for others to see. It's you choice, just make sure you choose "Reading Review: Private" option in the Submission Type drop-down box if you want to keep your comments between you and I.

I keep track of who submits reviews and how many they submit per session. As I continue to expand my services, I will offer promotional discounts to returning clients who actively give me feedback after experiencing my services. Keep this in mind!
Can You Pull One More Card For Me, Please? Even I run into situations where I have to pull one more card for clarity. It just happens! To account for this, most of my readings have something called a card cap. So, for example, if you have purchased a three card reading with a card cap of 5, you will initially recieve a 3 card reading. If you still have questions after recieving my tarot reading, I can pull up to 2 extra cards for you. The depth of my elaboration is dependent on the product you purchased, so if you are still looking for answers, please refer to my offered services in the Shop.
Reading Frequency Under no circumstances will I condone or enable addicitive tendencies when it comes to clients utilizing my services. If I sense that you have an extremely addictive personality, I will not hold any future services with you. As a general rule of thumb, I will not hold more than ONE session per week per client. I will also not read for the same question/topic/theme more than once per a 1-6 month period, unless otherwise stated by me. Outside of this general rule of thumb, this policy is extremely subject to a client-by-client basis, so don't be terrified to ask me if you're unsure if you're violating this policy or not.

I believe in empowering my clients to live the best life they can, and to be able to make their own choices to get them where they need to be. This requires you to do your part of the deal, which is to approach my readings with an open mind, a willful attitude, and an understanding that YOU are ultimately the deciding factor in achieving fulfillment.