Raspberry Pi’s and Career Changes

2 minute read

How are you all doing tonight? I’ve been busy exploring career opprotunities, visiting estate sales, thrifting, tinkering with a Raspberry Pi 4, and trying to get back in the swing of things after a close call at the ER (yes, I’m good!). March has been a bit hectic, to say the least, but at this point it looks like I will have to make the dust settle or it’ll never happen at this rate. There’s nothing I like more than kicking my feet up and relaxing, but I guess we can’t do that all of the time!

I’ve been itching to get an authentic (or close to it) retro gaming set up. Unforunately, this is easier said than done, especially when it comes to finding a small, cute, and portable CRT TV. I originally planned to “gut” an old 1950’s CRT I got for $5 in at an estate sale, but that’s hella risky (CRT’s are implosive, wtf?!) so I have quickly abandoned that plan. Instead, I am in the market for a SONY Trinitron KV-9PT50 9” that I will eventually get my hands on! ….hopefully…. The heart of my retro gaming setup is a Raspberry Pi 4, which currently houses 10? 11? very retro games. I am looking into overclocking it, but I’m waiting until payday comes around to find proper cooling hardware for safe overclocking.

As far as my career goes, I’ve also been itching to make a change. While I will remain in software engieering, I’d like to explore a security route, which means leaving the current industry I’m in (which is very stable, but not cutting edge and very slow). I applied to a few postings tonight, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m definitely going to have to brush up on my interview skills and technical knowledge, which will be a slog. I will definitely schedule some rituals in the mix to turn odds in my favor, since I’m already putting in the elbow grease to get some results. I currently have one lead, but it’s still in the same industry and has a lot of competition. I have a chance, but I’ve applied to 6 other jobs tonight to lessen the blow if I end up not getting selected.

I’ve heard enough reddit horror stories about people proudly applying to 200+ (even 600!) postings before securing a job (yes, even in 2021), so I’m keeping my expectations low. Fortunately, I’m currently working with literally some of the best senior developers at my current company, who have also turned out to be some of the nicest people and best teachers I’ve met to date. I genuinely hate the idea of leaving such a group, but I don’t think I’m in an area where I feel that I will thrive holistically, not to mention future projects here don’t have such amazing seniors (it’s sadly very common).

Regardless, I think the fact that I’m a clueless young 20-something has really sunken in this year. While I’m very, very fortunate to be able to support myself and my SO with a high-paying job and great insurance (definitely came in handy with the OUTRAGEOUS E.R. bill), I need a better work environment that has a clearer sense of purpose. I’m finding Corporate America difficult to adjust to, in short.

I refuse to end this ramble on a dull note, so please have this T H I C C, determined chonker as a parting gift. Have a good night! :)